Survey results: how do trainers review their performance?

118 trainers from 38 countries

During January 2017, we have conducted an online survey among trainers to identify practices, needs and interests of how trainers review their performance and assess their competences.

The survey gathered 118 answers from trainers coming from more than 38 countries. You can download slides which summarise the main findings based on the survey responses.


Based on the analysis of the survey data, the Guild has furthermore proposed a two-year project called “AppRaiser”, aiming at developing a standardized web-based competence and performance appraisal service for trainers, which will include both 360° external reviews as well as self-assessment tools. Apart from conducting the survey, the concept for this appraisal service has been consulted with a wide range of stakeholders in the international youth work training sector and is developed in line with the European Training Strategy’s competence model for trainers.

The overall aspiration of the project is to raise the quality and impact of youth work by improving and supporting the assessment and development of trainer competences, which is one of the Guild’s main missions.

Should you have more questions or ideas, please do not hesitate contacting us:

We are thankful to the international community of youth work trainers for your contribution!

infogrphic summary of survey results